Photo Credit: Pieter van de Sande
Photo Credit: Andrew Welch
Jackson is the capital of Mississippi and named after Andrew Jackson, the seventh President of the U.S. Jackson is situated within the Mississippi Freedom Trail and replete with fascinating historic sites and museums, detailing the city's pivotal role in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. Known as "The City with Soul," Jackson is a popular hub for a variety of music genres, including jazz, gospel, and blues music. Highlights include the Jackson Zoo, the Mississippi Museum of Art, and the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum.

Learn More About Jackson

Mississippi Civil Rights Museum
Learn about the American Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi, which took place between 1945 and 1970.

Mississippi Museum of Natural Science
Museum located in LeFleur's Bluff State Park featuring aquariums, exhibits, outdoor areas and nature trails.

Mississippi Museum of Art
This impressive museum's collection includes paintings by American, Mississippi and British painters, as well as photographs, sculptures and collages.

LeFleur's Bluff State Park
This popular recreation area on the Pearl River features a lake, campground, 9-hole golf course, and museum.